Official Name of Historic Place
  • Williamson Residence
Record ID 1615
Location of Supporting Documentation
  • Town of Sussex - Historic Places File #S-12-08
Location Information
Street Address
  • 371 Main Street
Postal Code
  • E4E 1S1
  • Kings County NB
  • Sussex
  • Sussex
Image Type:Contemporary Photograph
Caption:Williamson Residence
Description:View from the north
Copyright:Town of Sussex

Image Type:Contemporary Photograph
Caption:Williamson Residence
Description:Diamond shaped window beside the entrance
Copyright:Town of Sussex

Image Type:Contemporary Photograph
Caption:Williamson Residence
Description:Bay window capped with a gabled roof dormer
Copyright:Town of Sussex
Statement of Significance
Place Description
The Williamson Residence is an asymmetrical two-storey Queen Anne Revival house with a veranda on two sides. Built circa 1900, the home is located on the west end of Main Street in Sussex.
Heritage Value
The Williamson Residence is a designated a Local Historic Place for its architecture. The Williamson Residence is a good example of Queen Anne Revival residential architecture from the turn of the 20th century in Sussex. This style is evident in such elements as the asymmetrical massing created by two-storey bays, the hipped roof and the colonnaded veranda that spans two façades. Embellishments that also indicate this style include pediment gable dormers, engaged columns flanking the bays and a variety of window shapes and sizes.

Source: Town of Sussex, Historic Places file #S-12-08
Character-Defining Elements
The character defining elements that relate to Queen Anne Revival architecture of the Williamson Residence include:
- asymmetrical two-storey massing;
- clapboard siding;
- hipped roof;
- two-storey bay windows with pediment dormers;
- small windows in the pediment tympanums;
- colonnaded veranda on the north and west sides;
- variety of styles of windows for embellishment and light including a diamond window is on the left-hand side of the front door;
- window entablatures;
- regular arrangement of rosettes under all the eaves;
- drop pendants;
- varied roof line;
- second-storey balcony on the west façade.
Important Dates
Construction (circa)
  • 1900
Architect / Builder Information
No Data Available
Historic Functions
  • Single Dwelling
Current Functions
  • Single Dwelling
Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life
  • Architecture and Design
Type [Number of contributing resources]:
  • Building [1]
Recognition Information
  • Local Governments (NB)
Formal Recognition Type
  • Local Historic Place (municipal)
  • Heritage Conservation Act
Recognition Date (M/D/Y)
  • 2008-08-25
Category of Property
  • Private
Cartographic Identifiers
Description of Boundaries
  • PID: 00267633
  • 845 m2
UTM Zone Type
  • 20
Datum Type
  • North American DATUM 1983
Coordinate Determination
  • Digital Maps
  • 5066445.7000000
  • 304012.9000000
  • North American DATUM 1983
Coordinate Determination
  • Digital Maps
  • 45.72380
  • -65.51859
Web Site Links
No Data Available
  • Provincial Registrar
Contact Type
  • Provicial Registrar
    New Brunswick Register of Historic Places
Telephone Number
  • (506) 453-2324
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