Official Name of Historic Place
  • Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence
Record ID 1467
Location of Supporting Documentation
  • Town of Sussex – Historic Places File #2
Location Information
Street Address
  • 34 Sunnyside Drive
Postal Code
  • E4E 5L8
  • Kings County NB
  • Sussex
Image Type:Contemporary Photograph
Caption:Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence
Description:View from the west
Copyright:Town of Sussex

Image Type:Contemporary Photograph
Caption:Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence
Description:View from the east
Copyright:Town of Sussex
Statement of Significance
Place Description
The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence is a two-storey end-gable Classic Revival house with Italianate details located on a small hill on Sunnyside Drive in Sussex.
Heritage Value
The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace House is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with its second owner, George Slipp, for its association with former owners Kjeld and Erica Deichmann, for its association with current owner, Wallace Funeral Home and for its architectural style.

The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence is recognized for the prominent role that one of its former owners, Geoge Slipp, played in the development of agriculture and of the community. George Slipp was a very successful farmer and school board trustee, who purchased this large house from the builder, William Roach in 1869. The property remained in the family until 1948. At that point, it was purchased by developers and the farm was divided into lots. One parcel was added to the Kirk Hill Cemetery, and another became the school property.

The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence is also recognized for the pioneer role its former owners, Kjeld and Erica Deichmann, played in the development of the studio pottery industry in Canada. Kjeld and Erica Deichmann purchased the Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace in 1956 and operated their pottery business from this location until 1963 when Kjeld Deichmann died. The Deichmanns were the first studio potters in Canada. They were one of the first art potters to set up full-time and to live almost entirely off their craft. They are often identified with the start of the Canadian craft movement and were a source of inspiration for many New Brunswick and Canadian craftsmen and artists. The Province of New Brunswick offers the Kjeld and Erica Deichman Award for Excellence in Craft each year to promising artists.

The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence is also recognized for the role its current owners, Wallace Funeral Home, played in the funeral industry in Canada. The Wallace Funeral Home was founded in 1893 by Fenwick W. Wallace. In 1907, Fenwick Wallace helped establish the New Brunswick Funeral Directors Association and he also founded what is now the Canadian Funeral Directors Magazine. Wallace Funeral Home was operated by three generations of the Wallace family until it was sold to Steve Baldwin in 1994. The business was moved from Maple Avenue to this house in 1977.

The Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence is also recognized for its architecture. Built in 1856-1859 by William Roach, a Sussex farmer, this residence a good example of Classic Revival architecture with Italianate details. Among the Italianate details are the porch over a centre entrance door and the scrolled brackets under the eaves. The rectangular massing and the orientation of the gable roof are indicators of the Classic Revival style. The interior parlours have been restored to their Victorian décor with the assistance of the last Slipp grandchild who gave details on the wall finishes and draperies.

Source: Town of Sussex - Historic Places File #2
Character-Defining Elements
The character defining elements that describe the Classic Revival architecture and location of the Slipp/Deichmann/Wallace Residence include:
- rectangular two-storey massing;
- front-facing gable roof with dormers that break the roofline;
- circular attic window in gable;
- regular fenestration of rectangular 6-over-6 windows with entablatures;
- hillside location.

The character-defining elements that describe to the Italianate details of the residence include:
- eight column porch;
- scrolled brackets under eaves.

The character-defining elements of the interior include:
- original staircase in hall;
- original fireplace surrounds, and ceiling and baseboard mouldings in front parlours;
- period carbide gas chandeliers in front parlours;
- wall finishes and draperies.
Important Dates
  • 1856 To 1859
  • 1869
  • 1956 To 1963
  • 1977
Architect / Builder Information
  • William Roach
Historic Functions
Commerce / Commercial Services
  • Studio
  • Single Dwelling
Current Functions
Religion, Ritual and Funeral
  • Mortuary Site, Cemetery or Enclosure
Building Social and Community Life
  • Religious Institutions
Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life
  • Architecture and Design
  • Learning and the Arts
Peopling the Land
  • Settlement
Type [Number of contributing resources]:
  • Building [1]
Recognition Information
  • Local Governments (NB)
Formal Recognition Type
  • Local Historic Place (municipal)
  • Heritage Conservation Act
Recognition Date (M/D/Y)
  • 2007-11-26
Category of Property
  • Private
Cartographic Identifiers
Description of Boundaries
  • PID: 30213953
  • 7631 m2
UTM Zone Type
  • 20
Datum Type
  • North American DATUM 1983
Coordinate Determination
  • Digital Maps
  • 5066763.7000000
  • 303135.1000000
  • North American DATUM 1983
Coordinate Determination
  • Digital Maps
  • 45.72639
  • -65.52139
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  • Provincial Registrar
Contact Type
  • Provicial Registrar
    New Brunswick Register of Historic Places
Telephone Number
  • (506) 453-2324
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